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The Glenorchy City Brass has been entertaining the people of southern Tasmania continuously for more than 100 years. Early records show that the Risdon or Zinc Works Brass Band was formed in around 1920, as a band for employees of the Electrolytic Zinc Company. A benefit concert to raise funds for the newly formed band was held in January of 1920. The band played at official functions, company events and in public such as at the Beaumaris Zoo. Early in 1935, attendance had declined and the ensemble was disbanded. By March 1935, the band had been reborn as the Returned Soldiers Memorial band, with all instruments transferred to the new band. Until 1979 this band operated out of Hobart as the Returned Services Memorial Band. In 1979, the band became the Hobart Concert Brass (a different organisation to the Hobart City Band), and then in 1982 was successful in gaining sponsorship and was rebranded as the 7HO Hobart Concert Brass. In 1983 the band had to vacate its rehearsal rooms in the old Treasury building on the corner of Davey and Murray Streets. Without a home, and with the sponsorship arrangement coming to an end, the band was in a desperate situation and on the verge of winding up. The Glenorchy City Council decided it was time for their city to have a band and officially adopted the ensemble as its own in 1984, providing rehearsal facilities, an annual grant and assisting with uniforms. The name of the band was amended to reflect its new home, and the Glenorchy City Concert Brass was born. In 2021, the organisation became incorporated in its own right, keeping strong ties with the council and underwent the name change to Glenorchy City Brass Inc.

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